One Week and Counting!

“I’ll speak Russian everyday over break!” Ooooof course I will….

Knowing me, this lofty goal was never met. An unfortunate Russian native who assisted me at Sears in my search for affordable long underwear found this out firsthand. “Тебе надо практиковать?”

Yes, I need to practice. In my defense I’m almost halfway through Anna Karenina…

So, with one week until I land in DC, it’s crunch time. Here’s hoping my packing prowess comes through for me. Armed with four pairs of long underwear and a new coat, I can’t fail to be ready for this weather: Image


Here’s hoping this semester will be ready for me!

But before I go, we need to get some goals set. First, in honor of my dear Prof Gasperetti, I will finish Anna in English, and buy a copy in Russian. As I thoroughly enjoy this book, I don’t feel this should be a problem. Second, for MV, I hereby promise to refrain from challenging Russians (or other Americans) to a drinking contest. Third, I apologize in advance to my professors at the KORA Institute: I promise to learn, but things may become unconventional very quickly. That being said, Masha’s grand adventure starts now!


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