It’s really happening?!

This insanity gets realer and realer as the minutes pass. And by “realer,” (for any grammar Nazis out there, thats “more real”) I mean its time to pop a Xanax. The only comparison I have to the sheer panic I’ve been feeling for the past 24 hours is the day before I left for Field Training last June. Let’s not have a repeat of that… 0_0

Not everything is packed, I’m leaving town for two days, and I still have items in repair shops or at the dry cleaners, not to mention the interview tomorrow. I just keep looking around hoping that everything will end up fitting nicely, in my head and in my suitcase. Fingers crossed.

My only option for maintaining a modicum of sanity at this point is practicing my spiel: “My name is Mary. I study at the University of Notre Dame. I’m a junior. My major is Russian language. I live in a dorm…” and so on. As long as I don’t forget the main points, I think it’ll be fine…


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  1. Aunt Mary

    No doubt in my mind you are going to stay the course and stay strong! There is only one Mary who will get the job done! One step at a time. I love you, believe in you and will always be here for you! Deep breath and remember all you have done to get to this special moment! Soak it all in and have fun!!

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