More Orientated by the Second

I can honestly say, two days have never gone by quicker in my life. My main fear – as informed by the orientation staff – is that I will pass out drunkenly on a park bench, become covered by snow, and freeze to death. (This is apparently a common occurance in Russia, each newspaper keeps a count for the month/year…) Other than being recruited to spy for a foreign government, thats basically my only concern. Otherwise I’m only anticipating being intensely confused initially (this will likely last at least the first week, and this is my VERY optimistic estimate).

So I’ve made friends, a V Kontakte profile (Russian Facebook), and some questionable decisions (no really, ask me about my hair) these past 48 hours, and I don’t regret a thing. I’m just grateful to finally be leaving for what I’ve waited for for months!

Currently we’re lounging in Dulles airport, waiting to leave at 5. Here goes nothing!


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One response to “More Orientated by the Second

  1. Aunt Mary

    Wonderful getting these updates! A very fun adventure is ahead of you! Just remember to study every now and then! I had to say that!! BTW, what is your spring break adventure? Love….xoxoxo

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