Grand Mis-adventures (Friday, Munich)

So it’s 9 am at home, more than 12 hours from when we were scheduled to leave. After boarding our initial flight on-time, all seemed well. As we taxied down the runway, however, a blinking light halted our progress. Back to the gate. 

Fast forward 3 hours. Still at Dulles, back in the concourse (after they had us deboard), searching in vain for Internet connection or alcohol, members of our group are reduced to napping, push-ups, or yoga. Spontaneous break dancing erupts. Suddenly, a wild airplane appears! Off we go, take 2.
Unluckily for us, this plane is not nearly as cool as the first. On the first plane we had in-flight movie selection of literally hundreds of films, of which I had chosen three to catch up on during the 8 hour flight. New plane not so much…. Less legroom, in-flight screens that didn’t work, and fewer seats, meaning zero extra space. Which all turned out ok, since I ended up sleeping the majority of the time. I did wake up for dinner and breakfast, which was fab, and eventually made it here, Munich, where I’m writing from. 
It’s snowing here in Germany. I didn’t realize we had landed until I felt the bump, because the sky and the ground are the same color. Its overcast but beautiful. I hope we come back through here, since the changing seasons will make such a difference in the landscape. 
Naturally there’s no Internet connection, of course. Not for free at least. So as we arrived at approximately 1 pm local time (7am at home) and depart at 9:30, I’ll save paid Internet for later, after the Petersburgers leave at 7. So sad to see you all leave! 
This also gives me time to read, blog, plan my weekend trips, so it’s not entirely bad. Just a casual 8 hour layover, which puts us at final destination Vladimir at 6 am, give or take. Which is exhausting, and uncomfortable, but with the people I’ve met here, I know it’s not going to be the death of me. Not yet anyway. I completely forgot what ‘your own kind’ meant,  in the way of people, but Russian students certainly are their own breed… I’ll be sad to leave everyone, even though the adventure only really begins once the actual Russians appear. Until then, we’re just a gaggle of Americans, stuck in the airport, searching for a connection.

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