In Russia with Love (Saturday morning, on a bus from Moscow to Vladimir)

Leaving Germany, I was thrilled to see my own version of “A Whole New World” complete with moon and stars shining on the top of the clouds. And I found Orion, my go-to constellation, so I knew all would be well.

That is until I looked out the window 20 minutes befor we landed in Moscow, at which moment I proceeded to have a heart attack, and literally all I could think was Я БОЮСЬ! For you non speakers, that’s ‘I’m afraid.’ But then we landed! 
Honestly, I can say I’m somewhat impressed with myself, as the has been a lack of crying thus far and I managed a few conversations without stuttering for five minutes. Small victories.
We were met by our assistant Resident Director, Tatiana Mikhaelovna, who is way more friendly than I had imagined. She and Jack seem tight, so that bodes well. Even if I’m wrong about that, the KORA center (where I’m studying) put together care packages for the five of us with water and snacks. That should hopefully assure my parents that I’ll be well taken care of. 😛
I literally didn’t realize until now that we never actually said goodbye to the Moscow group… Mainly a lot of tiredness going on right now (it’s 2 am local time, and our bus ride gets us in at around 5) but I’m just looking forward to. shower. I don’t even care if I have to awkwardly motion to the shower and be all ‘Можно??’ 
I’m sorry to say that I won’t have a phone tomorrow, nor will Internet be a given until maybe Sunday. Maybe. Until then ill just write on my iPad, and blog when I I have a connection. poka poka!

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