Thoughts on thoughts on thoughts (Later Saturday AM, still on the bus)

So I’m thoroughly enjoying my bus ride to Vladimir. I have to say how utterly impressed I am at the snow removal systems here… Literally plows EVERYWHERE. And the streets are clear!

With this success they also have things such as McDonald’s, Shell and BP gas stations, not to mention car dealerships, surrounding the highway. Like how many Audis are actually bought and driven around here? Really?
This all brings me to my exciting cultural point of the day: thank god for this so called ‘initial elation’ otherwise this would NOT be going over well. At all. Along with this, I think I’m progressing or at least noticing the second stage, which is comparison of all that is alike between your home culture and new culture. Like I said, were on a highway that surrounds the capital, surrounded by car dealerships. Sound like Indy?
So what I wondering now is if I’m noticing all of these things now, does that mean I’ll progress through all of the stages more quickly? Or just that I’ll have a prolonged stay in the Siberian night of culture shock?

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