Welcome to the World!

Look at me, with a WiFi connection and my chai! Could basically run the world now. So this is the first day in a what feels like a lifetime that I’ve regained connection with the outside world. While I learned how to do this very well last summer, it’s not something that does good things to my psyche. So this is a really good thing. Starting tomorrow I’ll have my own personal modem, so connecting won’t be a problem from here on out hopefully.

Today was our first day of classes, which I was both excited for and dreading. Dreading mainly because of the Russian style testing that takes place. By that I mean you’re individually called up to the front and questioned in front of God and everyone. Much more low-key than it sounds, trust me. Classes will be the five of us, and I’m really psyched for the semester now. I managed to be the first one to class, even though I arrived with only 5 minutes to spare and live the farthest away. Elena Vladimirovna was horrified to hear that I made it all the way to school by myself, since Tatiana had work, but apparently that’s not ok… Still, at school, on time, brought my own chai, once again, small victories.

As its late and I’m currently residing in McDonalds, there’s not much more to say, but my goals for tomorrow are to mail some letters, buy a brown sumka (purse) (for matching purposes, obviously), and check out our local bar ‘Guinness’. One day at a time!

~ Mash


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  1. Therese Hession

    Mary Liz, Hogan, Ginger, and I are enjoying reading your blog. Glad your first day of school went well! What an unbelievable experience! Miss you, Love, Aunt Therese

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