WELLLLL It’s Been, One Week…

Officially one week since I arrived in the strangest land known to man. I like it, don’t get me wrong, I like it a lot. It’s just odd.

That and the time change. Is there some reason why Russia couldn’t be located any closer to the rest of the world?! I’m constantly lonely, if my host mom is away, and I have a limited number of friends here. Which leaves me whining in front of my computer, exhibit A. I’m just frustrated that I can’t text anyone, nor call anyone, emailing only works so well, and Facebook gets old. I’ve been watching Russian movies in my spare time, so as not to atrophy my skills/understanding without people around me speaking Russian. Last night Tatiana and I watched a classic Russian slapstick comedy, Khavkhazia Plechenia, which I had seen part of before. I actually could understand much of it, but luckily humor of that sort crosses language barriers.

I also recently experienced Globus – the European chain of super-Walmarts. Imagine SuperTarget, only BIGGER. And with a full-service cafeteria. And cross it with a casino. (I’m not even kidding, there are guys in black pin-striped suits everywhere wearing sunglasses and walkie-talkies.) Anyway, its very useful! And fairly cheap also, not to mention close to me.

Not a ton to update anyone about, I’m just bored/lonely. Sleep well, readers 😛


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  1. Mash! I’m always awake. come on now. you can’t be that lonely 🙂 ❤

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