So this is a whole week late…

So the great thing about Russia is, that every food ever made was made to be hangover food. This country is brilliant. More on that later…

Yesterday our excursion was to the lovely Bogolyubovo, a monastery not far from Vladimir. The churches here are always beautiful, with their onion-dome architecture. What strikes you the most, ALWAYS for me, is the color they use. At Bogolyubovo the church is white limestone, a fact which further endears me to this place by reminding me of my home state.  So of course against a white background, any color looks bright. But I’m not talking about just the churches. I’m talking about the houses, and the apartment buildings. Russians have this odd attraction to the brightest yet not quite attractive aqua blue color. I’ll definitely be posting photos of this particular phenomenon.

Honestly, I really like some of their color combinations. The hunter green with gold trim is beautiful, as well as many of the deeper reds. It’s just this insane blue that assaults your eyes at every corner. It’s so bright it almost looks fake. Even in the center of the city, you feel like you’re walking through a fantasy land, with weird contrasts of Soviet-era apartment buildings and eternal construction. Anyone who lives in the Fishers/Carmel area back home, recall when driving east on 116th, before crossing I-69, you look to the left and see that God-awful yellow building they put up a few years ago? Imagine that, but everywhere. I mean who thinks it’s a good idea to put these colors on places of business, places where people can see them?! It’s utterly absurd.


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  1. Kitty Hession

    I’m looking forward to some pictures of this aqua-blue color! Thanks for including info on what many people might think is a mundane subject. It certainly ’rounds out’ some of my ideas on the Russian people. They seem very colorful and capable. And of course my ‘hat is off’ to the babushki! Love,Mom

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