Terrorism exists.

It is in place because of babushki who promote such a lifestyle.

I’m not actually sure how anything gets done in Russia. Honestly, I think before our dearest prince Putin gets up for his morning judo session at 4 am, he is rudely awakened by his babushka at 2:45 for tea and various waterfowl, accompanied by copious amounts of sweets. Likely with the explanation “You can’t rule the world properly without eating EVERYTHING!”

This post brought to you compliments of my own babushka, who upon hearing that I was heading to the cafe downtown to do homework and Skype my parents, force-feeds me half a rotisserie chicken. I’m not kidding. Her explanation went something like “If you eat more chicken, you’ll fly around downtown like a bird!” But really.

So I just had to tell someone about this.


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  1. Joe Hession

    And the Bird should be flying!! Thanks again for a wonderful Skype visit this morning! What a great start to my week! I love you, Mary! Dad

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